Amy Martin McCollamI’m Amy, author of HerPlate.com, owner of Her Books & Media and co-founder of Kidkoo.co. I’m married to a tech-nerd who makes me laugh every day and a mother to 6-year-old Molly who, seemingly, has the superpower of infinite energy. 

Like every other mom, I spend my days juggling what my circus of a life has served up on my plate and crossing my fingers that the next big invention will somehow clean my house in the blink of an eye. I’m cursed with the gift of multitasking and the compulsion to start new projects and hobbies almost daily.  So, my ‘plate’ is kinda full.

I really enjoy cooking. But I enjoy eating even more. I lived in Phoenix for 4 years and made use of my time there exploring the gems of culinary talent sprinkled all over the Valley. During those years, I developed a hunger for “fancy food” and founded a popular food blog to document my AZ restaurant experiences. Then, a whirlwind of events happened and my family found ourselves in the middle of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where greasy hamburgers are plenty and biscuits and gravy are served all day (which makes my Midwestern, butter-loving heart happy). In my recipe book, you’ll find a missmash of country comfort food that can be whipped up on-the-fly and finer company-worthy dishes that take a little extra time to prep and might necessitate an Instagram #humblebrag.

I LOVE sharing my love of food and promoting my favorite locally-owned restaurants, local chefs and food festivals in and around the Tulsa area. Having moved back to Tulsa within the last couple of years, I’m experiencing the best of what the city has to offer through a first-timer’s perspective. Join me on my journey as I taste my way around the city and highlight some of my favorite dishes (and people!). Through my local posts, my mission is to bring a community of Tulsa food-lovers together through my dining experiences and hopefully introduce you to your new favorite dish around town!

Outside of food, I like to live day-to-day life “on the freap” and love a good bargain when I find one (I’m always trying to find ways to save money, get a good deal or DIY when I can). I still listen to *NSYNC. On a regular basis. I talk about PMS. A lot. I hoard craft supplies and cookbooks. My house is always dirty no matter how much I clean. I love God. And selfies. Everyone in my home owns an “invisible microphone” and although none of us can sing, we really really wanna start a family band. I am addicted to reruns of Sex & the City and I’m an avid marathoner… of my favorite Netflix shows. 

My vision for Her Plate is to create an online community of women who can share real life with each other, without judgment, and eliminate that imperceptible “bar” that every wife and mother feels they need to measure up to.  I hope that through my posts, I can encourage you, share a positive light, break down the walls of superiority and perceived perfection… and even commiserate with you on the rough days (because we all have them and don’t have to pretend that we don’t) when infinite loads of dirty laundry are strewn all over my floor, all my people are out of clean underwear and I’m crying in my pajamas over a frozen Marie Callender’s pot pie because I can’t keep it together. 

My ‘plate’ is overloaded. My words aren’t fancy. My blog isn’t fancy. My people are often crusty, but this is real life!

My Experience

I have a 6 year old. I think that’s an experience!

My food writing background comes from the years I lived in Phoenix, Arizona where I founded a popular online food and restaurant guide and served as its Editor in Chief for 4 years. Through this, I had the pleasure of working with the city’s top restaurants and resorts and nationally-recognized food/product brands.

My food writing was featured in magazines (both print and online media) including Shape, City Eats by Food Network, Phoenix New Times, Arizona Vines & Wines Magazine, GO Magazine, and Scottsdale Business & Life Magazine. I have also had the pleasure of sharing some of my favorite food truck food on Cooking Channel’s Eat St. and have judged several food competitions.