DIY No-Sew Halloween Costumes

Forget the needle and thread—I’m sure I have one of those dollar-store sewing kits somewhere in my house, but I wouldn’t know the first place to look. I have absolutely no sewing skills, so my hot glue gun is my best friend.

Since Molly was young, I’ve made all of her Halloween costumes myself, mostly because it saved a lot of money (Halloween costumes can be so expensive!) and she either wanted to be something very specific, or wouldn’t want to wear a tight-fitting princess dress made of itchy fabric (she’s very picky). 

To save on cost (and to make it easier on myself), I always use felt for her handmade costumes. It can be very affordable, very forgiving, and a hot glue gun, a sharpie and a good pair of scissors is pretty much all you need to throw it together! With felt, I can make her costumes loose-fitting (which is great because they all STILL fit her so we’ve been able to repeat costumes over the years) and really easy to quickly pull off and on since they tie on the sides.

Her first year actually going trick-or-treating, I made a family costume and we went as The McDoubles. Her French Fry costume and Ketchup bag got lots of attention and the felt has held up over the years even though she has worn it three times since at various Halloween festivals.

Halloween McDonalds Costume

Halloween McDonalds Fries Costume

Halloween McDonalds Ketchup Bag

Halloween Mcdonalds Amy and Molly

Halloween McDonalds Burger

Another year, she was a Cupcake with a Betty Crocker Sprinkles bag (this one was so fun to make!).

Halloween Cupcake Costume

Halloween Betty Crocker Sprinkles Bag 2 copy

And this year, she’s chosen to be a character from Shopkins (duh, her favorite thing EVER!)… meet Wishes from Season 1!

Shopkins Wishes Costume

As you can tell, I loooove felt. I always save the scraps—they can really come in handy, too. One year, I used scraps from our Halloween costumes to dress up Christmas wrapping for my nephew Braylen. 

Christmas Presents Felt

It really is super easy and whether or not you are craftily-inclined, I’m confident anyone could pull off felt and hot glue! Tip: I like to sketch it out on butcher paper or scrap paper beforehand and trace it onto the felt, front side down, before making those first cuts.

Halloween Betty Crocker Sprinkles Bag

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