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I don’t know about you, but ever since I became a mom, I’ve gotten more clumsy. Call it #mombrain or whatever you’d like, but I’m frequently finding myself running into, bumping into, or tripping over things. And sometimes, those things leave a mark. For those of us with unwanted scars, I’ve got a great giveaway you should scroll down to enter!

Just in time for summer boo-boos, Scarology is offering one lucky Her Plate reader the Ultimate Scar System kit (retailing for $89.99)—yes, you can even use this kit on your kids!

What is it?

Scarology offers a hospital grade, 3-step scar healing kit. The Ultimate Scar System Kit includes a 3-month supply of Natural Fruit Acid Exfoliator, Ultimate Scar Cream  and 6 Reusable SiliconeScar Sheets. The proprietary scar treatment system combines ingredients that were previously only available in medical settings. These key ingredients have been shown to nourish the healing scar with hydration, and reduce inflammation in the scar tissue. Scarology’s unique 3-part system can be used on any skin type and on any scar once the skin has completely healed from the initial injury. The regimen is designed to target different phases of scarring. The kit includes a gentle exfoliator, simple scar cream and self-adhesive silicone sheets to be worn at night during sleep. Changes in scar appearance have been reported as early as 3 days following initial application.

Scarology results

How does it work?

Scars are areas of fibrous tissue (fibrosis) that replace normal skin after injury. A scar results from the biological process of wound repair in the skin and other tissues of the body. Scarring is a natural part of the healing process. With the exception of very minor lesions, every wound results in some degree of scarring. Skin is a seamless organ, like a fine cloth protecting valuable assets. Imagine a piece of silk. Just one small tear can make a big difference in how it looks. And it’s the same with skin. Any burn, injury, or other trauma, such as surgery, can cause a scar. Dr. Michael Connor and Dr. Jeanmarie Connor are a husband and wife team with twenty years of medical expertise specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery and pediatrics. Together they have created Scarology.™ This new product is a safe and effective three-step at home scar treatment. Exfoliation procedures such as dermabrasion or laser resurfacing have been shown to be effective in improving the appearance of a scar but can cost thousands of dollars and can be associated with significant down time.

For best results, it is recommended that Scarology’s™ 3-step Ultimate Scar System is used for a minimum of 3 months with continued use for as long as the scar shows signs of improvement. Older scars may require 6-12 months of continuous therapy. Scars from several years ago are the most difficult to treat and most likely will not change in appearance with topical silicone or onion extract alone. However, Scarology’s™ 3 part system is different. 

The three phases of wound healing

  • Phase 1: Initiation

This first phase begins immediately after the injury and is completed within a few hours. During this phase, there is the formation of a blood clot. In addition, proteins in the body, called fibrin, create a matrix for reparative cells to enter the site and start the healing process.   

  • Phase 2: Inflammatory

This phase begins soon after and new cells start to grow in order to cover the wound surface. Granulation tissue (early scar tissue) begins to form and new blood vessels start to sprout in order to nourish the reparative cells. A collagen matrix replaces the fibrin matrix and inflammatory cells enter along the wound’s new scaffold. Altering the inflammatory cells during this phase can dramatically improve the appearance of a scar.

  • Phase 3: Remodeling

This is the last phase of wound healing. A strong type of collagen slowly replaces the blood vessels and reparative cells.  Specific cells, called myofibroblasts, remain in this collagen matrix and contract, which ultimately leads to a decrease in the size of the scar. Reparative cells continue to enter and survey the scar for months and even years after the injury, which is why scars tend to look better at 1 year than at 1 month. The wound environment changes dramatically during the course of healing and the formation and appearance of a scar is directly related to the events described above.

What scars can I use it on?

Falls off of bikes, skateboard injuries, burns from the grill, acne scars, even C-section scars and stretch marks… you name it!

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Giveaway Details

Scarology is offering one lucky Her Plate reader the Ultimate Scar System kit (retailing for $89.99). Entry is easy, just follow the steps below!

Congratulations to our winner, Brandy W.!

The Fine Print: No purchase necessary to enter. The giveaway is open to US residents (but not including Puerto Rico or Hawaii) 18 years and older. Winner will have 5 days to provide their address before another winner is chosen. In compliance with FTC guidelines, the winning product is complimentary and provided and shipped directly by Scarology. Her Plate received no compensation for this post.

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  1. I would really like to try this on my stretch marks, and a scar on my forehead from falling on some steps as a kid.

  2. I grew 5 inches taller during my senior year of high school, so, as one might imagine, I have a few stretch marks that I would love to use this on.

  3. I would definitely use this for the scar I have on my forehead. I usually cover it with my hair, but if this really works, I won’t have to cover it at all!

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