BGB: Gourmet Burgers at Tulsa’s Utica Square

When I first moved back to Tulsa, I was thrilled to be in the land of greasy hamburgers again. I love the fact that you can find a greasy, homemade burger joint just about anywhere you turn. They don’t make many of those in Scottsdale! But once I got my fill of mustard-fried burgers and that craving had been fully satisfied, I was thrilled to find BGB at Utica Square offering gourmet, fancified (and well-priced) burgers.

BGB is owned by my beloved Brownies Burgers, creators of some of my favorite old fashioned hamburgers around town. A true tradition in Tulsa as they’ve operated for over 58 years, I love that Brownies has added a gourmet spin to their craft at BGB. Open everyday for lunch and dinner, you can grab a seat inside or out on the patio (if the weather’s nice) and choose from 14 cooked-to-order burgers (including a chef’s choice) and 5 variations of ‘well-dressed fries.’

I’ve decided it’s a ‘short list’ goal to eat through the entire menu of burger selections; but so far, my most notables are…

The Wedge | $9

BGB Tulsa The Wedge Burger
Wedge Burger

With thick-cut bacon crumbles, a generous heap of bleu cheese, housemade tomato jam and crisp butter lettuce, this one packs so much salty-savory-smoky flavor and has been a re-order for me. I count down the days until my BGB visits just for this burger.

Jumpin Jalapeno | $9

Jumpin Jalapeno
Jumpin Jalapeno

This burger packs some heat with tequila sautéed jalapenos, pickled red onion, cilantro, arugula, chipotle aioli, monterey jack and lime… O…M…G.

Early Bird | $9

A bit more traditional, this burger is dressed with a good ol’ fried egg, sauteed spinach, garlic aioli, tomato and thick cut bacon crumbles. Delicious and satisfying and a bit easier on the digestive system than the Jumpin Jalapeno ;)

Suit & Tie | $6

The Suit and Tie truffle fries are a must-order and are served with housemade ketchup, (regular and spicy) and topped with garlic, parm, black pepper, and parsley. The spicy ketchup is ridiculous… I crave that stuff. 

Suit and Tie truffle fries
Suit and Tie truffle fries

Though I’m always here for a burger, I’ve taken a peek at their salads (there are six variations on the menu) and they’ll be next on my list to try. 

Sold yet? Check out the menu at

And if you haven’t tried a traditional Brownies Burger yet, this might be all the nudging you need:

Brownie's Burgers
Brownies Burgers

1730 Utica Square
Tulsa, OK 74112
(918) 747-7935